Monday, 15 April 2019

Projects to Finish - My Q2 List

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Hi there! A short while ago we were taking link-ups of finishes to the Finish-A-Long for the first quarter of the year. While I reminded you of that in the blog, I had nothing to link up at all myself.

So this post has become really easy, I mostly just repeat what I said three months ago. So sorry if it is becoming repetitive! I really will try harder to get different posts out in between Finish-A-Long ones, so please stick around...

As you can see below, the pink boxes indicate where my projects were at at the start of Q1, and the blue is what I have done since then:

I also started another (oops!) project. As I mentioned in a recent post, I have become a bit obsessed with log cabin quilts and their possibilities. So in the process of making that post and looking at log cabins, I made another quilt top. In the above list it is indicated with  dark green boxes...

So here is my list for Quarter 2 spelled out:
  • Feathered Star quilt - top done:

  • Cubes quilt - almost quilted:

  • Log Cabin quilt - top done:

  • Black and White quilt - top done:
Not quite the pattern I had in mind at the start of last quarter, but I fell for another idea. Pretty pleased how it came out! Now "just" quilting, binding and labelling left...

  • Logo quilt - top done:

  • Curved Log Cabin with Corner Geese - top done:

Lots to work on, better get my quilting mojo out of hiding... and hopefully I'll have more success this time!

Of course linking up with Q2 of the Finish-A-Long a few posts back. Will you be joining us?



  1. I hope this is a quarter containing lots of progress! Good luck!

  2. Such a great list! Did you use a pattern for your black and white top and if so would you be willing to share?

  3. Hi fellow co-host! I hope you've made some progress on all or some of these, or maybe even a finish or two? Good luck with the rest of them. On behalf of the global FAL hosts, thank you for linking up, and yay you! Nicole @ Handwrought Quilts


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