Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Wall Hanging for City and Guilds - updated with a label

Do you remember this one:

Back in November I announced that the Wall Hanging that I made for the City & Guilds Certificate was finished. So why an update?!

That is because though the wall hanging itself was completely stitched, it wasn't completely finished. It was appliquéd, quilted, embellished with stitching and flanges, all threads were tied off and hidden away, and the back was covered with another layer for a neat finish. The edges were finished with a facing. Even the tunnel is in place to hang it with.

But the all-important LABEL was still missing!!

So this has been rectified today. I thought I would show you how I make my labels:

* In WORD, I type the text of the label. My labels always contain the TITLE of the quilt, the NAME of the maker (myself, hah!), LOCATION of the maker (this has varied over time), DATE finished. If appropriate I would add to whom I am gifting it, and sometimes when I had started the quilt; in this case I've added that it was made as part of the City & Guilds course:

* I then select all text (CTRL-A), centre the text, choose a nice, but clear font, and increase the font size to an easily readable size. PRINT.

* Trace the text with pencil onto a piece of calico or other light coloured fabric. I use a piece easily large enough for the label, trimming to size is done after the lettering. I wash the fabric first to remove any sizing, and iron well. Tracing is easy against a light window, I use masking tape to keep the printout and fabric together. The letters came out crookedly against the edges of the fabric, but that was so that the letters are straight with the grain of the fabric (this piece of fabric was very uneven).

* Trace the letters again over the pencil with a permanent marker (use some scrap paper underneath to prevent marking the table underneath). I used a Pigma pen this time, but I have also used a Tee-Juice pen before with good result. I usually mark with pencil first, because it is easier to do that against the window, and also, the marker may mark my printed template through the fabric. I want to keep the template clean in case I make a mistake and have to start again... though fortunately it has never come to that!

* IRON over the pen lettering to set it good and proper! Then also mark the outline of the label's edges. I measured about 1" outside the edges of the lettering on all sides, making sure the lines are square and parallel to the text. If you are not sure how well your pen ink will hold when washing, now is the time to test it...

* Press in the corners of the label, so that the corner marking is just turned to the wrong side of the label:

* Then fold and press each edge over so that all markings are just folded over to the back:

* Give the whole label another good press to set all the folds (I sometimes use a damp pressing cloth for extra sharp creases):

* And there is your prepared label:

* Pin to the back of your quilt, and slip stitch in place:

DONE! (The photograph is slightly angled, the label is really straight on the quilt!!)

And now I am updating anyway, I have also added some stats to the original post!


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