Friday 8 May 2015

Ending City & Guilds with a star...

... and an exhibition in Nadelwelt, Karlsruhe

- warning: photo heavy post -

This week saw this:

It was the last stitch on the binding of the big bed quilt I made as part of "my course". To be precise; the City & Guilds course in Craft and Design for Patchwork and Quilting, level 3 Certificate.

This quilt has been rather long in the making, and of course it needed a deadline to get to this stage! Today this quilt, along with ALL my City & Guilds makes, were being sent to Germany to be exhibited... so the last threads were only tied off 5 minutes before I jumped in the car to deliver it yesterday evening!

A few days ago all my other course material went to our tutor, to be sorted and packed up:

There were two boxes full of samples, ranging from EPP to hand piecing, machine piecing, hand and machine appliqué, hand and machine quilting, crazy piecing, hawaiian appliqué, Mola, Kantha, Sashiko, strip piecing, etc. etc. Then some note books, and a huge folder full of our art work, divided into colour, line, shape, texture, form.

Five items were designed and made during the course and each has its own folder with the design process and samples of all techniques considered (just visible on the left). Then there are the five items themselves: a cushion, bag, box, wall hanging and bed quilt.
Seeing it all together like that I realised why I have not had time for much other sewing in the last few years...

Ah, but you're not here to hear about all the design work in the course or even  to see that last measly stitch on my quilt! So, here is the full reveal:

Hand and (domestic) machine quilting was used on this quilt:

As you can see in the last photograph, the hand quilting is not quite finished - it will be done, I promise - but at least all the quilting that I planned has been started so you can see how it will look in the end.

And the sleeve is on, as well as the label:

Which was very important since like I said, all the work is to be sent to Germany. We (my co-students and tutors) are having an exhibition booth at the large Nadelwelt event in Karlsruhe where we are showing what is really involved in doing a City & Guilds course in Craft and Design. Not just the end results, but the whole process will be shown to the public.

So, if anyone is in the Karlsruhe area on 15 - 17 May, do come along and have a look and a chat, there is bound to be one of my co-students around. And there is some hand quilting action planned, too.

For now, I am trying to get some more blog posts written, and I'll have a leisurely ponder on a next project to work on. One that has nothing to do with any course!



  1. Well done! It must be great to learn all different skills. I pick and choose whatever comes in my mind and there are still some I haven't done.

  2. What a jaw dropping quilt Sandra! Wonderful! Picture heavy is always good. Your coursework sounds fun and challenging.

  3. Wow!! that is drop dead gorgeous! And I did enjoy seeing the last stitch!


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