Saturday 16 May 2015

Bloggers Quilt Festival - second entry

Now I got over the first hurdle and entered "Vestibule" into the Bloggers Quilt Festival with my previous post, I had less trouble to be convinced to enter a second one. This is such fun, and there are already such wonderful entries to browse through!

This one I made a long while back, but I don't think I ever showed it here. It is made with scraps and pieces from my "leftovers" box on a black background. While you often see very brightly coloured scraps in combination with a black background, I went for a more muted colour palette with this one, and I LOVE the result! 
So here it is, my "Black Jewel Box":

To get a good Jewel Box effect, the scraps were sorted in slightly lighter (bottom left to top right) and slightly darker scraps (bottom right to top left).

The quilt has been hand quilted (rather tacked) with black perle in a Turkey Track stitch in each patch, with several rows of large stitch hand quilting in the black border.

Finished off with a scrappy binding of course (I love scrappy bindings)!

For the backing I found a black-on-black print I love (I may have to use it in a quilt top next time!), I never knew they existed until I found this one...

Not easy to photograph black fabric... notice the single stitches from the Turkey Track tacking.
So there you have it...


"Black Jewel Box"
Finished July 2009
Size 42" x 63" - we often use it as a bed topper
Scrap cotton fabrics, black cotton perle thread
Machine pieced, hand quilted

Entered in the the scrappy quilt category of the Bloggers Quilt Festival (thanks again, Amy!):
Nominations for the Viewers Choice can be entered now, and voting starts on May 22...



  1. Hi Sandra - wow what a great way to use up those amazing little pieces - & the black is a great choice.

  2. I like your quilt. You could easily have entered it in the hand quilting category too. Good luck!

  3. Fabulous very nice quilt:))

  4. This is just beautiful! I am finishing up a Jewel Box quilt right now myself! One of my long time favorite patterns!

  5. The muted color palette is fantastic against the block! What a wonderful scrappy quilt Sandra and hooray for you entering it in BQF!

  6. This has got to be one of my favorite patterns, but I haven't made one yet. I love the way you used the certainly makes your pretty fabrics shine. Well done!

  7. I like the subdued colors with the black. Makes for a very pretty quilt.


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