Thursday, 28 May 2015

Tulips from....Delft maybe?!

After I entered the Bloggers Quilt Festival with my last two posts (here in the Art Quilt category and here in the Scrap Quilt category - have you voted yet?! voting is open for one more day, and you have 3 votes in each category), I have actually been sewing!

I had been considering making some blocks from the Cloud9 pattern "Amsterdam Quilt", but I could not find the intended red and pink fabrics for the tulips! In my impatience I grabbed some other fabrics, and made a block anyway:

The block went together so well, that I HAD to make some more, and before I knew it, the kitchen table (which is where I usually sew) was full of them:

Very quickly they were transformed into this:

 A last cream border will be added the next time my sewing machine gets an outing, the strips are cut ready to be sewn on.

According to the song, tulips are from Amsterdam, though the blue colours remind me of Delft blue, so there is some debate about the naming of this one... since it isn't quite finished yet (a quilt isn't a quilt until it's quilted), I may ponder for a while yet...!!



  1. I love these in blue! And delft seems very appropriate to me - it is all Netherlands, right?

  2. Serendipity is the best! Love your blue delft tulips Sandra - what a brilliant change up from the usual tulip block!


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