Friday 15 May 2015

Bloggers Quilt Festival

For several years I watched all those wonderful entries to the Bloggers Quilt Festival, and tried to decide which quilt I should be voting for. This time I have decided to enter a quilt myself, so exciting!
This is my "Vestibule", inspired by photos of a building by Frank Lloyd Wright:

Regular readers are well aware that I have been working for my City & Guilds Certificate in Craft and Design for Patchwork and Quilting (to use the full name for once) for the last few years. This involved a serious amount of sewing and art, and has virtually kept me from any other sewing. Now it is all finished except for a few last stitches, I am looking forward to starting some new projects - and finish some old ones! I have so many ideas in my head...

For the course, I have had to make a cushion, a bag, a box, a wall hanging, and a bed quilt (see the City&Guilds tab above if you want to know more...). Unfortunately, the bed quilt is the one that needs a little more hand quilting to finish, so it cannot now be entered into the Festival (maybe next time). But the Wall Hanging is finished and has been hanging in it's place above the stove for a few months now.

In place above the stove
The quilt is made using raw edge machine appliqué and quilting using many types of threads and different stitches.
quilting seen on the back, before being covered
After finishing the stitching, the edges were faced (no binding) and a "false" back was inserted into the facing for a neat finish. Some detail:

A bit more detail of the stitching

The facing is quite wide for stability, and the back is neatly covered
An earlier post with more detail on this quilt can be found here.

size - 34½" x 39½"
materials - patchwork cottons from Soho Chic by Sandy Gervais for Moda, plus one lime fabric from elsewhere; cotton wadding; cotton, silk and polyester threads in different weights and colours
techniques - raw edge machine appliqué, flanges, faced edging, machine quilting

Thank you, Amy, for organising what undoubtedly is going to be another fantastic quilt show!
Nominations for the Viewers Choice can be entered now, and voting starts on May 22...



  1. What a great idea! I love your quilt with 3d depth. It's beautiful how it's presents on the wall.
    Greetings from Poland

  2. I like the depth conveyed in this quilt. The colours, too.

  3. Visiting from the Blogger's Quilt Festival. Love this quilt it is stunning. The quilting is great and I love that you posted a picture from the back!

  4. This quilt is amazing! I love it. You're so clever to translate that photo into a quilt. I'm going back to study the photos on your blog again. It looks so good hanging on the wall. I really feel tempted to step to the left so I can see what is further down the hall wall. My local embroidery shop in Wellington, New Zealand runs City and Guilds courses, but I haven't joined (yet),

  5. What a wonderful quilt! That is truly lovely, and the back view of the quilting is stunning!

  6. Such a neat quilt! I love the fabrics and colors you chose, they really draw you in.

  7. Love this quilt and how you faced it!
    A wonderful entry.

  8. Your quilts are wonderful:))

  9. Very cool! It looks rather mysterious above the stove....where does it go? :) sew glad you've joined the Festival...isn't it such fun?!

  10. Oooh, it's beautiful! Congrats on finishing City & Guilds!

  11. Feels like you can walk right into the quilt. Beautiful!

  12. Sandra, this piece is exquisite! I've spent a good amount of time at Taliesin West (local for me), I'm a huge FLW fan! Congrats on finishing this beautiful piece and the City and Guilds Certificate!

  13. The perspective you achieved with this quilt is great as well as the use of small prints that read as a solid in the design. Nice craftsmanship.


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