Friday, 22 April 2016

Quilts, quilts, quilts

In my last post I mentioned that I had been on a visit to Exeter, including a visit to the quilt show that was held at the time. As well as getting to know online friends there, I went around the exhibition (of course!), I even took some photographs.
The pictures are not great (low light and strange shadows from the stands), but I'd like to keep these images of some of the work anyway:

There were ten or eleven hexagon quilts by Gretchen Danckwardt, all impressive with their small hexagons, and inspired by a month of the year. Though I cannot see myself ever making something similar, it was interesting to see the very different layouts that can be made with hexagons:

Pyjama Days (March) - detail

Pyjama Days (March) - the arm didn't quite belong there!

My Bejewelled, Scrappy Garden (July)

Falling Back (October)

Flower Power (May)

There were smaller panels displayed which were part of the Seeds Challenge:

Autumn Night by Margaret Garrood

One Year's Seed - Seven Years Weeds by Margaret Pellow

Jenna Clements' quilt based on the character of Rick Grimes from "The Walking Dead":

What Lies Ahead

Another area displayed quilts on Saints of Cornish Churches. This one appealed to me:

St Enoder by Beyond Patchwork; Sue Hooper and Carolyn Richards

Gwenllϊan by Bethan M. Hughes
Two quilts by Alison Bramley:

York 800 triptych

this must have been inspired by peacock feathers, but I did not get the name...

This traditional Baltimore hand appliqué (and hand quilted) quilt was impressive:

Baltimore Papercuts by Helen Clarke
This one was traditional, I liked its use of colour:

The Victorian Lady, part pieced by Andrea Beck, finished and longarm quilted by Kay Bell

And what about the quilting on this longarmed soft-coloured swoon quilt:

Swooning (2012) by Kay Bell
I have to show you some detail of that:

Well, hopefully you didn't find this post too long, I certainly enjoyed my day!

Back to sewing now, of course!


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  1. What a great show with such a diversity of styles Sandra! Were you able to pick a favorite and vote for a Viewer's choice? I always find that hard to do, so usually vote for one where the quilter's work was brave and unique.


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