Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Inspiration in April

It is unseasonally cold at the moment, but the garden is an inspiration, especially when the sun comes out. Scarf and gloves are advisable though!

I love Hellebores, even when they are finished flowering; see those developing seed pods?

Our wild grass around the fruit trees has a growing population of fritillaries, they self-seed happily

This New Zealand flax hides a robin's nest!

Wasps (!) fertilise the gooseberry flowers

I even like the cheerful dandelion, though not everywhere...

Due to the cold these tulips won't open today, still a welcome sight
I have been inspired by these images for a new project, but that's for another time...



  1. Great pics there Sandra... those tulips will be so pretty when they open... we're getting Autumn & Winter together at the moment... looking forward to the cooler months after a long hot summer here.

  2. Your garden is so peaceful and beautiful Sandra. The early flowers sure are a welcome sight! My mother used to grow gooseberries, which is not something you see here in the states very often. I noticed some really great stacked stone pillars in one photo. Did you make those?

  3. We are having a relatively cool start to spring here, too, Sandra. Thanks for taking us on a tour with you and sharing with us, the beauty in your part of the world!


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